Our website is using VB.net

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Our website is using VB.net, are we able to use Tealium?
I try to implement with JS, it can be detected in Web Companion. But seem difficult to pass information to the utag.js.


Our website is using VB.net

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Hi @klang

It shouldn't cause any issues, javascript will generally just be treated as part of the web page content as far as the server is concerned. It usually doesn't matter which server software that web server is running.  

If you are using a very old version of VB.net, it's possible, but not likely, that you may be running out of cookie name space as it was a lot more limited than modern web servers. 

The normal implementation should work, and you can pick up the javascript required from the code center in your TiQ account, and add it to the page template. 

If you still have problems, please contact support and they'll be able to talk you through it, and help you troubleshoot. 

Many thanks

Steve Lake

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Our website is using VB.net

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We're a .NET stack as well (but C#) and pleased to say we have absolutely no issues with TiQ (including working with the datalayer).

I would suggest trying everything without deviation - if you can keep to the common standard then all the better (and as @steve_lake mentioned, you likely won't have any issues).  With so much great reference material here, it really helps being able to directly apply examples without having to do a bunch of special adjustments to make it work with a non-standard setup.

Your JS should run just fine in any APSX file.

Phillip Marquez