Page Load Rule for Libraries

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I have a profile that I have built as a library so that when I create new profiles, I can link the library to the new profile. However, I cannot apply a page load rule to a tag that is in a library. Applying the rule in the tag in the library would end up creating virtually hundreds of load rule conditions. We'd like to be able to apply the rule in the profile where we want to activate the library.

For example, I have a profile that is xyz-profile, this profile is used across 72 countries(sites). I have a tag(library) that I just want to use in 10 of those countries, that tag is linked to the xyz-profile. I only want this tag to load for 10 specific countries. I have 100 other profiles that also use this tag, so you can see why I want the control of loading this tag to be in the profile, and not in the library.

How can I make that possible?


Page Load Rule for Libraries

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After an element from a library is imported into a profile, it cannot be edited. If you have a UDO variable shared by all sites using that profile, such as site_id, country_id or country_code, etc., and the value is unique on each site (set via Lookup Table, for example), hypothetically you could set up one load rule to fire the tag only if site_id equals '1234' OR site_id equals '5678', etc.

Here's more on managing profile libraries.