Passing custom variables into Sessioncam tag

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I need to pass a couple of custom parameters to Sessioncam. Reading the short IQ tag instructions it says ""Map any number of items to build the pixel query string values". Since Sessioncam takes key-value-pairs as input I thought that mapping what I need would push them into Sessioncam. This seems not to be the case, they don't turn up in Sessioncam. 


(There is a field in the Sessioncam tag called "static params" but I guess they are not what I need, since the values I want vary per page.)


What I am missing out here? Or do I need to tweak the template code still?

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Passing custom variables into Sessioncam tag

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Am I looking at the same tag as you?  I don't see where this tag takes any configuration.  




Now if you want to be able to pass outbound querystring parameters as key-value-pairs when requesting the sessioncam.recorder.js, you could do this by using a Tealium Generic Tag.


Just set the base url to //

Change the type to script

and then use the Tag Data Mappings to map any data in your Data Layer to a name that will be the key in the outbound querystring parameters.


In the example below, the value of page_name will be passed in the outobund querystring parameter name.

Make sure you reach out to SessionCam to see if they support receiving data in this format.






Passing custom variables into Sessioncam tag

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Hi Brian

and thanks for reaching out. Should have mentioned that I don't use the specific Sessioncam tag (I don't think it was in the library a year ago when we started..). So, yes I use the generic tag and do exactly as you propose, map a couple of extra parameters. However they don't turn up in Sessioncam, neither I nor the Sessioncam support can find them. But, now I know that this is the way it should be done :-) which is good. I will dig a bit deeper together with a collegue and hope to find the problem.

Passing custom variables into Sessioncam tag

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After hearing back from Sessioncam, turns out they need variables passed in another way.  Here is an article that links back to how they want data passed:


This code could easily be added to a Tealium JavaScript Extension scopoed to the Sessoncam Tag, something like:


window.sessioncamConfiguration = new Object();
window.sessioncamConfiguration.customDataObjects = [];
var item = { key: "Name", value: b['page_name'] };

Notice we are passing the dynamic page_name to the SessionCam tag.