Performance Horizon (PHG) template is outdated

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Hello all, 


I just want to know if anyone manage to get PHG - performance horizon template to work. In short all my effort proved that the template is outdated - wasted lot of time to find that out!!


The above leads me to believe 1000+ template that Tealium talks about in their marketing material - is not true :) how accurate is Tealium's marketing messages? Tealium - tell us how you keep these templates up to date? how often do you do this? and what is the update process?


It would be great if you,  Tealium would add each tag with the following -  "works with XYZ api version XXX" in the "add tag" template detail page.


Performance Horizon (PHG) template is outdated

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Hi @zhaque 

For that specific template, please raise a support ticket and we will look at getting it updated for you. Please provide as much detail as possible, as well as any updated code snippets you may have. 

For the rest - we do indeed have 1000+ marketplace tag templates, you can see them all listed on our site here -


How they are kept up to date - there are a number of ways, we have a dedicated integrations team who constantly work to keep the templates up to date, as well as adding new vendors all the time.  We can only update templates when we know that they need updating - some vendors are excellent at letting us know that there are new versions, for others unfortunately we need to find out from someone raising a support ticket. 


I, personally, do not work in integrations so I don't know the exact process but I do know that it involves a lot of communication with the tag vendors and a lot of testing. 

I think that's an excellent suggestion for adding the 'works with xyz version' in the detail of the tag. If you log a support ticket for that also, we can raise an internal enhancement request ticket. 


Many thanks

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Performance Horizon (PHG) template is outdated

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From the window where you edit the Performance Horizon tag configuration, you can click "Edit Templates" in the Advanced Settings section. This will show you the tag template code, and on the first line you'll see the date when the template was last updated (20161219 for this one).

We do have an update in our queue for this tag, but any additional details you can provide about your experience using this tag are welcome.

Performance Horizon (PHG) template is outdated

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Thank you for your reply. 



I have raised a support ticket for PHG. All I hear from support it is with Engineering team - you need to contact your account manager to priortize the ticket :(  If you like I am happy to publish email trail here.


Unfortunately I am the user of PHG, so it will be best your integration team contacts with them for more accurate documentation details. I can only see their public developer pages.  And we Tealium


I hope you can add "last updated" in the "add tag" pop-up - so we know when it was updated directly and we decide if we were to spend time on. See image below

last updated.png


It would be even better form a transparency prospective if you would publish last update date in the integration page.


Just wondering does your Vendor Integration team do quaterly Audit? Is it possible to share the audit or make it public. I wonder how many of the tag was built 2016 and not updated.