Previous version of code loading on site

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Hi All,

I am facing an unusual challenge and I don't know how to deal with it. I need help in figuring it out.

Recently I made a tagged scoped extension on the dev and qa environment and published it. But due to some problem with the implementation I had to rewrite the code and change the extension's scope to dom ready. 

Now I am seeing both the version of the code on the site. i.e. the newer version of code in utag.js and older version of the code in utag.uid.js 


The tag to which the extension was scoped to, is imported from the library and the extension is in profile.

Solution Tried : I have deleted the extension and created a new extension altogether still facing the same problem.



Previous version of code loading on site

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Hi @vijay_yadav that sounds like a caching issue and could be related to your location.

We can request a CDN cache purge in situations like that, so if you encounter that again and it has not resolved within 15-30mins please place a support request with us to assist you.