Problem with Privacy Manager in Chrome

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Hello everybody,

I have encountered problems with the Privacy Manager in Chrome. The settings I make in the popup are not getting saved!

In Firefox everything works quite well:
I open the privacy manager popup, uncheck my tags, refresh the site and the settings are still like I made them. When I have a look at my cookies I see just one Cookie OPTOUTMULTI for domain ''.


In Chrome the changes I made in the privacy manager popup were not saved after I refresh the site. But I realize that there are two cookies with name OPTOUTMULTI for domains '' (incorrect values) and '' (correct values).


It seems that when I change the privacy checkboxes the correct values will be saved in the OPTOUTMULTI cookie with domain '', but if I refresh the site the settings will be read out of cookie of domain ''.


I tried to delete all cookies, but nothing worked. I can reproduce the problem on several computers.


Any ideas what the problem is???


Thanks for help and best regards from Germany,



Problem with Privacy Manager in Chrome

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I'am experiencing the same problem, don't know why does not work as expected in Chrome.


Waiting for solution too.