Problem with facebook pixel implementation

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I am implementing Facebook pixel tag.

I want to fire it for customer audience conversion which tracks Pageview and conversion tracker which fires on a particular event on my site.

For both of these tracking i.e. whenever any page loads and whenever a particular event is fired, the same facebook pixel id is used.

When i completed the implementation with the help of single facebook pixel tag, i don't se it firing for page load. It fires only on an event.

If I put load on all pages as a load rule and create an extension to fire that tag on the event then it only fires on the page load but nt on event.

I have changed the template setting also by putting view=1 and link=1. But still no success.

Any suggestion?


Problem with facebook pixel implementation

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Hi Shailesh,

In the future please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly as your account manager. Can you please let me know what profile you are looking at so I can help resolve? I will follow up with a separate email as well.