Problems with Lookup Tables and Umlauts

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I'm currently using a lookup table extension to map cities to their Ids.

The contains operation fails to work, if there are umlauts in the city-name.

Is there a known issue or best practice for handling this?


The ASCII-codes of both the JS-variable and the entry of the lookup table are identical.


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Problems with Lookup Tables and Umlauts

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Hello @FelixHartmann,


UTF-8 encoding needs to be turned on in publishing in order to get the umlaets to work! Please find below the link to document to configure UTF-8 encoding.


Let us know if this helps. Happy to assist any further.




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Problems with Lookup Tables and Umlauts


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Problems with Lookup Tables and Umlauts

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Hi @FelixHartmann. To add on to @abrahameaso's answer above, please find this further discussion about UTF-8. Just in case you would like further bedtime reading. ;-)

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