Product names have commas breaking merchandising eVar

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I am mapping my product name variable which is an array as a merchandising eVar into adobe.  However, some product names have a comma in them.  This is breaking the product sting.  e.g.

datalayer.product_name = ["gold necklace, 24k", "gold bracelet, 14k"]. 

In adobe the following comes through

Products :
Product : 122283
Quantity : 1
Price : 19.99
Events : event3=19.99|event4=19.99
eVars : eVar30=2164308
eVar31=gold necklace

Product : 24k

Product : 1224443
Quantity : 1
Price : 119.99
Events : event3=19.99|event4=19.99
eVars : eVar30=2164333
eVar31=gold bracelet

Product : 14k

How can I remove or replace the commas that appear in the string array values?


Product names have commas breaking merchandising eVar

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Tealium Expert

You've got a couple options,  @JoeBrown ....

1) fix the problem at the root - get your developers to remove the comma and use another character instead of comma (maybe dash?)

2) handle it with a Tealium "extension".  Remove/replace the comma within another Tealium extension using some hand-coded Javascript.  

Let us know how it turns out, if you need more ideas, etc.  You always can ask your Account Manager to get you Tealium help too....


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