Proper use of utag.view()

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A page on our site features accordion-style navigation, so that what might normally be spread across multiple pages can be placed on one. A user completes one section and the next opens up.

I had initially thought to use utag.view() to track where people are on the page after the initial page load, but if I'm understanding the documentation correctly, utag.view should only be used in situations where the following section are loaded dynamically via AJAX. In our case, all sections of the page are included on the initial page load (other than certain form values), just not accessible until the user completes one section of the page.

Am I correct in thinking that it wouldn't be proper to use utag.view() in this case?


Proper use of utag.view()

Tealium Employee

utag.view can be used anytime you want to trigger an artificial page view, not just when content is loaded via AJAX. If the new content appearing on the screen simulates a page view to the end user, it is common to use utag.view so that from a reporting perspective the different views will appear as separate page views regardless of whether a new page has actually loaded.