Publish Delay

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Gold Contributor
Hi, My colleague and I are having an interesting error when publishing. When we go to download (We self host our tag code), the code returned is actually the old code from the previous version. If we wait (sometimes up to 30 minutes), and download again, then we will get the correct version. This isn't a browser caching issue, as we've opened up the actual JavaScript to verify it is the old version. Has anyone run into this. Any solutions?
Tealium Employee
Steve, We would love to do more troubleshooting with you. Please forward the details of your situation including the following to your account manager and ask them to get in touch with me: 1) Account name in iQ 2) Profile(s) having the problem 3) last publish that had the issue, date and time 4) steps to reproduce the problem 5) url you are downloading the zip file from 6) the output from dig or nslookup for the host I look forward to solving your issue. Sincerely, Jason Bain