Qualtrics Site Intercept

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Could you please help me with qualtrics site intercept documentation.

I have implemented it and I am getting 404 response


Qualtrics Site Intercept

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Hi there,

Can you provide more details on this ?

Though there are many solutions based on details, here are some high level :

1. Check if Site Intercept is down.
2. Check if the specified request does exists.
3. Make sure your datacenterid is correct.
4. May be you can check in Postman with following steps 

1. According to the documentation check request type (ex. GET, POST) and set POSTMAN to that type

2. Use the URL according to the documentation ex. [https://yourdatacenterid.qualtrics.com/API/v3/surveys].

3. To authenticate your request, switch to the Headers tab in Postman and enter **X-API-TOKEN** as your header Key and your API token (check in your Qualtrics account settings) as your Value.

4. After you click **SEND** in POSTMAN, body of JSON will returned.