Reload Tag

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Is it possible to reload a tag with utag.view() or that already was loaded before, but should be fired with different parameters? What currently happens: utag loader load my tag, but when I tried to set different parameter values and call utag.view() or, it does not fire the tag again. Is there any solution for this? Thanks in advance!
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Hi Martin, utag.view or should work (assuming that the tag supports both). That being said, here are some troubleshooting questions for you to work through: 1) Are _any_ tags firing with the utag.view call? If no other tags are firing, are there JS errors being reported by the browser? 2) If other tags are firing ok with the utag.view call, are updated parameter values causing a load rule applied to the desired tag to evaluate to false? In many cases, a tag not firing is caused by the load rule evaluating to false when it is expected to evaluate to true 3) What's the timing of the initial tag fire to the subsequent tag fire? If they are too close in time, there could be potential problems or exclusions. 4) If all else fails, can you post your utag.view code (or a scrubbed example) here for one of our Solutions team to take a look at? Also helpful would be what tag you are trying to fire via the utag.view call.
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Hi Clint, Thanks for your answer! It took me a while to find out our problem. Finally I saw that one of my main utag_data parameters wasn't defined after calling either utag.view() or So, I fixed the problem by merging the new utag_data parameters into the existing ones, and pass utag_data as input parameter. (