Replace Value in Magento

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Bronze Contributor

I am new to Magento and Tealiium.

Currently it seems that the Tealium Extension for Magento gets a lot of product data "out of the box." However I would like to override/replace data that is generated from the Tealium extension in the TealiumCustomData file. I am able to augment the UDO from the TealiumCustomData file, but having difficulty replacing values.

For example, if want to arbitrarily replace whatever value is in product_category, how would I go about doing that?

Currently, if I attempt to do that, once the cart page fully loads, whatever I set product_category to seems like it get overwritten by the default Tealium functions.

I am attempting to overwrite the values in the getCartPage function:

 public function getCartPage()
$outputArray["product_category"] = ["some", "value"];
return $outputArray;

Any help would be appreciated.