Revenue is not tracking as expected

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I have migrated my Omniture tracking through Tealium using Adobe Analytics for App Measurement js (Version 2.8.2 7 above).

Please is the Last touch channel report from Omniture where you can see revenue is not tracked for a few orders. I have configured the Purchase event in Tealium and the same has been enabled in Omniture success events. Could you please let me know the root cause for the same.



Revenue is not tracking as expected

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hi @shat2057 - there's no magic pill for this one, you'll want to do some test orders on the site and debug the pixel requests going into Adobe.  For starters you can keep the Network tab of the browser inspector, filter using the name of your Adobe data collection server address.   Go through the pixels and validate the values for each parameter, purchase id, order amount, item prices, etc.


Something else to review...within Tealium are you using the Tealium E-commerce extension to map the order values to the Adobe variables?  It really faciliates ecommerce implementation.


Looking forward to your reply and any further questions