Salesforce live agent chat integration via Tealium

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I am implementing the live agent chat on the website via tealium. I have the attached chat snippet. I followed the below approach.

1. preconfigured tag within the Tealium library for the SFDC Live Agent. but the details that asked like ORG, ID, and subdomain is not available in the chat snippet.

2. Custom tag: as a workaround, we tried to use the new custom extension (Custom javascript) to fire the provided snippet. But the provided code is not supported by Tealium extension because of the code contains the script tags which are not supported by the tealium syntax. For the reference please see the screenshot below. 


Is there any other way to integrate the same. or any documentation around this. 

Thanks in advance.



Salesforce live agent chat integration via Tealium

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Tealium Expert

Hi so the saleforce livechat is a bit tricky to implement.

From what i can see you can't use <style> or <script> elenements in the JS extensions. 

1. Also you need the saleforce iniitalisation script on the page before you can trigger a LiveChat,
you need ask you saleforce contact to get you these details.

2. you will need to create your own javascript to append the provided JS,  like a jquery append or do it with pure JS.

Damian Savvides

Salesforce live agent chat integration via Tealium

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@dsavvy Do you have any docs or an example of what the javascript should look like? I am running into the same issue? I have the id and orgs, but the <style> and <script> elements are throwing errors. 

Thank you