Sample 10% of events such as Registration Complete

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Struggling to understand the concept of sampling only 10% of the Registrations complete, This is something asked for a by  a marketing agency.

I can set up a true/false 10/90 split for all traffic, but I struggling to set it up JUST for registrations complete event.

Is there a solution in Tealium which can achieve this? or does it require custom JS code? but will need overall total number of registrations to be able to do the split?  because i have to write something that will count number of registrations and then calculate 10% etc...

some help on maybe the set up? or the formula of something like this?




Sample 10% of events such as Registration Complete

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@dsavvy83 - I'm going to assume that you mean within TiQ - the easiest way would be to apply the 10% / 90% split to everyone, and then only use it for the registration complete event. 


It also depends what you want to use it for - if it's for a tag, for example, you could apply the split in the split segmentation extension, then have a load rule that says "If page_type = 'registration complete' and split-test = A"  

Obviously, substituting the page_type condition and variable names appropriately. 


If it's specifically for the collect tag, make sure to set the sampling to 100% and then set a load rule as above. 


Is that what you meant? 



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