Scope extension to run at pageview only

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I have an after load rules scoped lookup extension which looks at page path and returns a tealium_event depending on what that path is - for the checkout steps. However, the problem I have is, that it is running twice on occasions when the form on the page is submitted. The page is not reloaded at that point but the event runs twice. There is another event (link event) running on submission of that form but not mapped to Adobe only to GA4. Am I getting double Adobe event because of the GA4 link event running and my extension evaluating the path at that point also? If so, can I isolate that extension to only run on pageview events and not on link ones and how? I tried to condition on ut.event = view in the extension conditions but that does not seem to be working.

Would anybody have an idea?

Thank you.


Scope extension to run at pageview only

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Hi LuLong,

I would set a breakpoint or use the Tealium Utag Debugger tool ( to look at the two events running through the extension and find a unique variable to key off. You can then use that variable in the load condition on the lookup table extension (ex: event_name does not contain form_submit). I hope this helps!

Jen Kaye
Senior Premium Success Engineer | Tealium, Inc.