Set Data Value Extension not working

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I created a Javascript Extension, wrote some SavaScript scoped to a Tag, and referenced b. value1. 

Created Set Data Value extension where value1 = (JS Code) JQuery selector (I input elements of jQuery). This works perfectly fine in my test profile. But when I replicate the same to Main profile which is connected to our production, then b. value does not populate. 

I made sure about upper case and lower case while mapping in Javascript extension and Set Data Values but still same configuration works fine in test profile but data layer values does not populate in Main profile? 

Is there anything that I am missing? I am sure my configurtaion works fine and populates good but in test profile.


Set Data Value Extension not working

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Hello @jmm428377

Based on my understanding - 

Can you check whether the JS code and the Jquery selector is returning the value in main profile (just to make sure the elements and code is working in your main profile)

If possible can you help us with the code/screen shot (change it to a generic one) and share it, it will be easy to take a look at it.