Setting s.products with prodView

How would we accomplish firing s.products on a page other than an order confirmation page? For example w / prodView on a product detail page?

Setting s.products with prodView

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This is what the E-commerce Extension is for. The first product setting in the extension is "List of Product IDs." Whenever the variable selected in that drop down is populated the SiteCatalyst Tag Template will automatically send the product string. Verify that the List of Product IDs drop down is populated in the E-commerce Extension and the variable is being populated on the product page.


See this post for more information about the E-commerce Extension:


Then you'll also need to set the prodView event via mappings or an extension. See this post:


Hope this helps.

Setting s.products with prodView

Thanks Jared! I think my confusion was understanding the role of the Product ID and Order ID and what those triggered with the eCommerce extension. This helps.