Simple Event Variable

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I want to keep things simple in the data layer. That's why I was planning to use one single variable for an event identifier. Let's call it "event_name".

These events can be set

  • upon pageload with the initial pageview call, defining what kind of page is being viewed. Example values are "homepage_view", "product_view" but also "checkout" or "purchase" because they are usually set on pageload.
  • upon click by the user. These events would be set with a call. Example values are "cart_add", "product_click" etc.
  • automatically on pageload with a call, typically by product carousels or any other event not inflicted by the user. Example values are "promo_impression" or "product_impression".

Is there any major problem with this setup? What are the reasons why you would not do it this way?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.



Simple Event Variable

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Tealium Expert

Hi @jmbolfing,

There's no reason why it wouldn't work, but it depends on where you want your complexity to live. There's basically three places to stick complexity - in the data layer, in the transformation of the data in TIQ, and in the downstream tools.

Complexity in TIQ creates a maintenance overhead, increases the file size, and so on.. Complexity in the downstream tools creates the risk of different processing resulting in different numbers, somewhat undermines routing data collection through a central point like TIQ..

But for simple analytics, or indeed on pages where it'd be an unnecessary amount of work to get a data layer on the page, then the approach you're looking at is probably the right one.