SiteCatalyst - Suppress initial page view and still set s_account

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I've been searching for the solution to this but have been having no luck.


I'm trying to use the SiteCatalyst tag within an iframe to pass data to omniture from a video player.  The video player fires two omniture beacons based on the utag_data object within the iframe.  The issue I'm having is that I need to suppress the initial page view within the iframe, while still having the ability to set the s_account value in the SiteCatalyst tag based on UDO variables set via extensions.


When I run the tag with the page view in place (default implementation), everything fires as expected and goes to the correct s_accounts assigned through Tealium.  The issue comes when I try to do one of the standard view suppressions I have found - utag_cfg_ovrd = {noview : true} in the page source before utag.js, or return false on initialization of the SiteCatalyst tag.  When I do either of the the suppression techniques, the initial page view is suppressed, but the omniture beacons that fire from the player go to the default s_account set on the tag as opposed to the values I'm trying to assign via UDO variable. 


To sum it up - with no suppression, everything fires fine (mappings all work).  When suppressed - UDO variable mappings are ignored and beacons are mapped to default SC Report Suites.


Any insight into this use case would be appreciated


SiteCatalyst - Suppress initial page view and still set s_account

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Hi @tkoscinski


Using utag_cfg_ovrd = {noview : true} will definitely cause an issue because it doesn't even attempt to trigger the tags.


Additionally, using a return false scoped in an extension won't work because the return evaluates before the following logic later in the template can overwrite the s_account. Even then, this is a localized variable and not window/page scoped.


if (d[e] == "s_account") {
   u.o.account = b[c];


Hmm, this is indeed a tough one. Short of using a JS extension to straight up set s_account, I'm not sure there is a good way around this. I'll lean on @jason_paddock as he has more experience and might have a good suggestion. 

SiteCatalyst - Suppress initial page view and still set s_account

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Hi @tkoscinski,

As @dan_george mentioned, an extension scoped to the tag will execute before any mappings are performed.  This means the only way to update the s_account would be via JavaScript updating the s object directly.