SiteCatalyst Tag u.addEvent duplicates linkTrackEvents

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Hi there,


I'm currently implementing the right way our SiteCatalyst Tag and I notice something strange. Adding events using u.addEvent seems like it's duplicating the linkTrackVars. For example if I set u.addEvent('event301'), after the tag load I can see that s.linkTrackEvents = 'event301,event301'; It does not affect the analytics because = 'event301', but it seems to be an error in the implementation.

I believe that this part:

u.pushlt = function(l, v) {
  if (typeof l != "undefined")

code that is executed later on should check  if "v" is in "l" before the push. I believe this should work...


Thank you,

Alexandru Robert Comanescu



SiteCatalyst Tag u.addEvent duplicates linkTrackEvents

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Tealium Expert

Hi @arcomanescu93 - the scenario you describe is interesting.  What version of Adobe Analytics library are you implementing and have you used Tag Status Checker to ensure your utag.loader and all related templates are up to date?

In the past when I had mismatched and out of date templates in some profiles I also got unexpected results.