Tacking ClickEvent

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Hi all,

I have a site and I need to firing a call to action on a link.


To do this, I have defined a jQuery onHandler (1.7 and above) extension on this link and it's work correctly but the problem is that I have the same link with the same id/class in other URLs.


So, how I can trigger the event on a particular URL?




Tacking ClickEvent

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Hello @stefano1975. Are you using Google Analytics? There is an event tracking video here that might help??




Tacking ClickEvent

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Hi, thanks for the link but the problem that I have the same link ID/Class for different URLs but I want that the handler defined it is firing only for an particular URL

Tacking ClickEvent

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currently jQuery onHandler extensions don't have the functionality to specify conditions through the interface, so you won't be able to add the URL. 
However, a solution is to be more specific in your jQuery selector. This following link has examples of other selectors you can use besides id/class.
For instance, if your element has a unique attribute, you can use the Attribute Word Selector [name=”value”] selector.
Just as an example, let's say you have this element:
<a href="//api.jquery.com/category/selectors/">Selectors</a>
You can use this following attribute selector: 
If another selector does not solve your problem, you can contact your account management and open a ticket in the following link. Once the ticket is opened an engineer will be assigned to help you with a more specific implementation.
Hope it helps!