Tag Firing Multiple Times - Is there a way to test this?

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Vendor - Flashtalking 
Purpose - Viewthrough/Display visits
Questions - How do I test/valdiate to see if Pixel if firing multuple times as reported ?

Agency is reporting they are seeing the Pixel fire multiple times per visit. Session analytics on our end is not showing this.

Tealium Debugger - shows container load
DEV Tool Console -  shows pixel only once in list 

Ia there some other tools I can use to break the pixel out and see exactly how many times it "fired".


Tag Firing Multiple Times - Is there a way to test this?

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Hi @cravn

I believe there are a few FlashTalking Pixels in the marketplace, but the same should apply to both.  To validate if a Pixel is firing multiple times, you can use the Network Tool in Chrome Dev Tools.  If you filter by "Flash" you can see all the network calls related to FlashTalking and determine if there are any duplicates.  It may be useful to enable "Preserve Log" in the case there are any redirects, but make sure you clear the log before reloading the page:

[#60753] Flashtalking tags _ Tealium Support Desk 2020-11-06 12-35-01.pngPlease let me know if this helps.