Tag Returning Good Data in Tealium but Bad Data in Adobe

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I have been working on a tag in tealium that looks perfect in Tealium testing on the page, but does not look good in Adobe Analytics.  Its catching HTML symbols such as &, ndash,&reg (instead of @) in Adobe. In Tealium I do not see this bad data being collected.. it looks clean.

Where do you think the error is?





Tag Returning Good Data in Tealium but Bad Data in Adobe

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

It looks like the problem characters are HTML entities, in which case it's likely that they're wrong in your testing tool, but your browser is rendering them as the characters they represent, giving the impression that they're correct.

The following is a JS extension (which relies on jQuery I'm afraid) that would work against your UDO to translate them:

var textArea = $('<textarea />');
for(var k in b){
  b[k] = textArea.html(b[k]).text();

Probably works best run as an After Load Rules one, towards the end of the extension list.. or if the problem is only manifesting in your Adobe tag, you could always run it as a tag-scoped extension if that easier..