Tag not firing after first view call

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I have implemented flash talking tag it fires correctly on page load but when I am trying to fire it again using utag.view or utag.link, it is not firing( request not showing in network tab). While I logged the logs in console using utagdb it showed the tag complete(send:TagID:COMPLETE) 

Has anyone faced similar issue in past?

FYI - I have edited the tag template to respond to link calls but it didn't work too.

Also I am getting the below error I don't know if it is causing the issue.

TypeError: a.cfg.cb is not a function 

at Object.track (utag.js:formatted:687)

at Object.view (utag.js:formatted:649)

at <anonymous>:5:6



Tag not firing after first view call

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I deployed a standard Flashtalking pixel (latest version) in my local environment, and I had to make an additional template update to fire the view and link calls multiple times on the same page (screenshot below) -- multiple fires for utag.link and utag.view are enabled if the Spot ID exists in my scenario.

If you contact Tealium Support and provide more details about what you're trying to achieve, we can review the case in greater depth to see if there's a cleaner solution for this specific case.



Tag not firing after first view call

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Thankyou @michaelbenefiel ,

I was trying to fire utag.link call on the page after a pageview but it was being blocked due to u.initialized condition. So I made changes in the template and removed it and also added link in u.ev() . After making this change it stared working.

Your answer is exactly same to what I did.

Thankyou once again.