Tag sequencing

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I want to implement a tag, that consists of three parts which have to be executed one after another.

It looks essentially like this:

<script src="A.js"></script> 

//some code

<script src="B.js"></script> 

If there were only the first two parts, I would use a Custom Container tag, load "A.js" in the loader and execute "//some code" in the loader callback.

How can I extend this pattern, to load "B.js" after the first loader callback finished?


As the tag is still in an early experimental stage, it is expected to change in the future, so I am looking for an easy maintainable way to implement this through Tealium.


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Tag sequencing

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@ahrasch, it's not pretty but you could use a custom javascript extension scoped to the tag which calls "A.js" , then in the tag itself call the "some script" in the 'library code' section of the custom container, with the "B.js" after it. 


I think that would work as a quick-and-dirty method. 


Alternatively, if it is a third-party vendor tag, or you need any specific assistance, please feel free to raise a support case or speak to your account manager about requesting it to be added as an additional tag in our library. 


Many thanks

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