Tags in iframe not firing

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I am trying to figure why something used to work but no longer is.  We have some pages where we iframe a form into the page.  Both the landing page and the form have Tealium on them.  Previously, when the page would load we would see tags from the landing page and the iframed page fire. Now the tags for the iframed page do not fire.  If I go to the iframed page directly, it works as expected.


Example pages with iframes









Tags in iframe not firing

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Hi @mark_jaggers,


 It looks like there is an error in an extension that is trying to parse data from an event that has been received from the parent window. 


The code is trying to parse the data sent in the message but stepping through the code a stringified object is not always being provided, I would suggest adding a check to make sure that data is a string before trying to parse it.


If you need any assistance with making this fix please contact support@tealium.com and we will be happy to assist.