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Dear Tealium Support team

We have a question regarding the Tealium Collection API. We need to trigger only one event from the offline application. This is the call to the HTTP request, but this is not triggering the Webtrekk event. 



 They have checked this url and network status code is 200 OK.

What do we have to change to get the Webtrekk triggered? Please provide us the solution or information regarding this issue ASAP.



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Our apologies, I think there may be a bit of confusion here.

I see that you implemented Webtrekk within Tealium iQ which is meant to track events from websites and mobile apps (not offline application) - meaning a device that can make and receive HTTP connections to send data to vendors. 

Triggering the Collect API does not pass data to Tealium iQ, but rather to the Universal Data Hub (UDH). The UDH is a cloud-based application that can trigger APIs to vendors. It can support both online and offline systems and since your dat is coming from an offline application the UDH is the platform to leverage. However, Webtrekk is not currently a supported vendor and looking at their API docs and it's not clear if they provide an AP to pass data in, I only see APIs to retrieve/recall data.

I would contact your Account Manager or Deployment/Success Engineer for further clarification.