Tealium IQA : SAAS based application

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Hi Team,

I was a reading through some posts on the client side architectur of Tealium and understood that Tealium is an enterprise tag management solution. Can you please help me understand if there is a difference between SAAS based and enterprise based tag management system.


Tealium IQA : SAAS based application

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Hi @surabhi_sharma

"Tealium iQ"  could be described as a SaaS enterprise tag management system, in that it is a tag management system for enterprise users, and it is Software As A Service. 

So, I guess to answer your question directly - they're different parts of the same thing.  The "enterprise" part relates to it's scalability and power, where as the SaaS relates to it's architecture and how the system works. 

I hope that answers your question

Many thanks

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