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We recently used the Tealium Snap Pixel Tag but without success.

The set-up should be rather simple as the only thing to fill out is the Pixel ID and we roll it out to all pages.

When we check the results with the Snap Pixel Helper, we always get the feedback that no 'No snap pixel requests was detected!'. Is it possible hat we are overseeing anything here?

As the Snap Pixel Tag has no ratings yet, I am doubting if it is functioning correctly.

Thanks in advance.

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Tealium iQ Snap Pixel

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I had implemented Snap Pixel before but used Tealium Custom Container as at that time Snap Pixel Template was not available. You can try to put the Snap Pixel code in "Tealium custom Container" between the lines where it says - "Start Tag Sending Code" and "End Tag Sending Code" and should work for sure

To check if your Snap Pixel is firing- the best way to check is go in chrome browser, open dev tools, go in Network, and put snap pixel id in filter space and see if the pixel is firing. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere

Tealium iQ Snap Pixel

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Hey! Thanks a lot for your swift reply. In the mean time we found the solution:

It seems that the Turn Key integration requires that pageview event is triggered with mapping. We have updated the mapping to trigger pageview event when ut.event = "view", and the tag started firing.


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Tealium iQ Snap Pixel

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Hi @Palullu,

ut.event key in your data layer is to be deprecated in newer versions of utag.js template. Whether you are doing the mapping on an extension or in the tag's template itself, you can use the next:

if(a == 'view') {
// Mapping happens here

I just deployed a Snap pixel, and the easiest is making a direct mapping to event within the tag mapping options:

Image 1.png

Where you set b.snap_event on an extension using the lines I suggested.

Hope it helps!