Tealium iQ running in an iframe?

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hi all,

The team I work in, are forced to have Tealium iQ running from within an iFrame on a couple of our sites.
Normally, I actually wouldn't do that, but in these cases we are forced to do it that way.

I am guessing that some of the browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari?) will block cookies and/or scripts running from within the iframes.
But since I haven't tried doing this with iQ, I just wanted to ask the community for information about any experiences, including what might not get working.

Can anyone elaborate on their experiences with this?


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Peter Meyer

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Tealium iQ running in an iframe?

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hi @pmeyerdk - I agree running in an iframe is not optimal, but shouldn't be a total show stopper.  Several pages of the distributed application I work with are iframed, with Tealium running in the content iframe and sometimes in both frames. All this makes debugging a challenge, but we still get things done.  I was just reviewing our data to see if I could find a great disparity in data collection across browser types as you were suggesting, but I could not find a huge difference.   In most of our use cases, there's not a real technical reason to be iframed other than compartmentalization of developer code. As such, I'm pushing to get out of iframes going forward.


I think it'll just be a learning experience as you go - please share any interesting findings, and thanks for putting this on the radar, I'll share back any new findings as well.  Hope others here will chime in as well.