Tealium with Site Catalyst events.

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am unable to get my events to fire like I expect (or at least I don't see them firing in Omnibug.)


I have my event set up as follows:


pageId=kr05: purchase (This one fires)





Where vars 1, 2 and 3 are mapped to variables in out data layer. I would expect to see events 90-92 fire in omniture with the values of the mapped data, but instead I only see the purchase event fire, but not the others. I know that vars 1-3 have data, as I have it hardcoded for testing.


Am I mapping things incorrectly?


Tealium with Site Catalyst events.

And now that I look at my post, I realize exactly what I did wrong. Sorry.

Tealium with Site Catalyst events.

Ok, maybe I didn't know what I did wrong. I am trying to add the above events like a currency and numeric event and have it tagged onto the end of the product call I have: product;XXX-XX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX;1;$$.$$;;event20=250000" as an example, but I have tried mapping the data as a set data value and as a tag without success. Do I need to create a custom extension for something like this?

Tealium with Site Catalyst events.

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Hi Tim,


it depends on how you want it to work. It can get pretty complex. Please keep in mind though that 'events' in the product string must be a numeric value, which means you cannot use it to define currency. If you want to have currency defined it must be mapped to an 'evar'.


For a simple use case, let's say you just want to map the site region to evar30. You would select your site region variable in the toolbox:


site_region (js)


And map it manually to evar30, you would type this in as the destination:




If you wanted to assign event20 with a value of 500, you would map the source variable, let's call it 'incrementor (js)'. It would look like this:


incrementor (js) -> PRODUCTS_event20


The generic product string looks like this:




So our setup will return a product string like this:


products : Shorts;5225415241111;1;11.99;events20=500;evar30=uk


If you assigned multiple events and evars, you'd end up with a string like this:

products : Shorts;5225415241111;1;11.99;events20=500|events55=900;evar55=product|evar30=uk


The main drawback of this method is that if you are in a shopping cart or order confirmation page, every product would receive the same events and evars in their product string. If you need help with something more complicated, please contact your account manager for additional assistance.

Tealium with Site Catalyst events.

Thanks a bunch! I had written a custom extension that pretty much did the exact same thing, but it is much easier to user the tools provided.