[TealiumIQ] - utag.view() - "called before tags loaded"


Hi all,

For dev and cookie consent reasons, I have to use the utag.view() method (in a DOM-Ready extension) instead of the default initial pageview on some of my client website pages. In these occurrences, the tags that I want to fire are sometimes not loaded early enough by Tealium.

"triggers called before tags loaded"

 I've stumbled upon a very similar issue on this thread here. Unfortunately (and even though the utag.handler.iflag variables can prove itself really useful)  the solution does not really answer all my needs: I don't think using an interval is a good practice and I don't want to rely on it to fire my pageview.

Is there some kind of more reliable way to fire a pageview while being sure that the tags have been loaded before? Like an event or a callback method?