Template questions

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Some questions on templates:


  1. What is the purpose of a tag's template? How is is it different from JavaScript extensions in terms of code and runtime life-cycle (when each loads and runs).
  2. If Tealium publishes a new version of a template of a tag we use, is there some way for us to know from the UI or email alerts?
  3. Are there some example use cases when a template's code need to be customized or modified from our (the client's) side?
  4. If there was some customization done on our side, and there is a new version of the template, would we have to manage the changes ourselves?


Tried searching on the forum, but could not find an article specifically related to templates.


Template questions

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  1. The tag template does a few things, it does the extensions, mappings and any specifically required tag set up before firing the actual tag. Extensions run before mappings, but the rest of the sequence can change depending on which tag it is. Basically it does everything necessary to translate the Tealium UI/UDO information into what each tag vendor needs. That's why each tag has its own template, because each can be quite different. The JavaScript extension supports a tag by doing some kind of data manipulation usually that other extensions can't do. If you can do it in another extension, we recommend that as it makes it easier to maintain for non-technical users. You wouldn't normally use it to actually fire a tag. If you were to make your own custom tag, you should still use a custom tag container or other similar "tag" from the Tealium marketplace.
  2. Not yet but we are constantly looking for ways to improve things. Note that when there are new versions, your version remains unchanged. We don't update anything for you automatically as we don't make changes to your profiles without your knowledge and permission.
  3. We always recommend getting assistance from your account manager when needing to customize a tag template. Some example use cases of needing custom or modified work is you need a feature for a tag that just came out that Tealium doesn't support just yet. This happens sometimes with Google Universal Analytics which is constantly rolling out new features.
  4. Anytime a template is customized, whether it is by you or Tealium, these changes are not preserved if you decide to update your tag template. This is why it's important to make sure you note in your tag's "notes" area the template is in fact custom, and to keep backups of your templates any time you do a change. Once you update, and if the customization is still necessary, it will need to be added to the updated template.