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I gave a client the sitewide container tag to place on their site but they said they are already using their own implementation of utag.js.  They had asked for the thunder code snippet for Tealium to review. They said, "This code snippet is meant to be used with sites that already loading utag.js."


Where do I find the Thundercode snippet?  Is it best practice to place an additional Tealium container tag if they're already using their own?  In this instance, would it be best practice to just give them the pixels to place inside their Tealium container?  


Thunder Code Snippet

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Hi @kryscar11 ,

Thank you for posting.  To clarify, utag.js is our code library.  You can load a Tealium Container Tag via utag.js.  The Tealium Container Tag is just like any of our numerous Vendor Tags that can be found in the Marketplace. 

If you cannot find a tag vendor in the Marketplace, the Tealium Container Tag will allow you to build a functional tag for that vendor using a code snippet.  

In your case, the Thundercode snippet would be provided to you within the Thundercode dashboard or by a Thundercode representative.

If the Marketplace does not contain a certain tag, then a code snippet would be needed in order to be added to a Tealium Container Tag and loaded with utag.js.  This is a best practice as TiQ will efficiently and conveniently manage and load your tags all in one place.