TikTok integration

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hello All - is anyone here firing the TikTok pixel?  I see that so far there's no pre-built Tealium integration, Is there one  in the works?





TikTok integration

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Hi Mitchel, 

Thank you for reaching out. While we currently do not have a tiktok integration in the works we are focused on continuous improvement and would love to hear more about your recommendation.  Please email our Partner Tech Team at partnertech@tealium.com with the recommendation and someone will gladly assist you in getting something planned out.

If you need to implement something sooner.  We have our Tealium Custom Container or Tealium Generic Tag which can be adapted for any pixels that we do not have in the market place.  Here is a link to the documentation:

Tealium Generic Tag 

Tealium Custom Container Tag