Track pageview in SPA - ComScore tag

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In my SPA app I have two trackng pixels: ComScore and Quantcast.

I'd like to track pageviews - so from I read here (  I need to emit utag.view() and then tag will correctly handle this as a next pageview.

This works for Quantcast but not for ComScore - indeed, ComScore doesn't have 'link' in u.ev in tag template.

Are there any plans do add it?

How can I track pageviews to ComScore in SPA?



Track pageview in SPA - ComScore tag

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I can't speak to whether or not we are planning to add support for link events, however you can edit the template and change:

u.ev = {'view': 1};


u.ev = {'view': 1, 'link': 1};

and this will enable link tracking in addition to view events for that vendor template.