Tracking conversions on another website

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Hi guys,

I know this is possible but just need to confirm if what I am thinking is correct.

My company plans to track the number of people completing a form on another website (Company ABC). Basically, we have a CTA on the page e.g. "Book Now" and upon clicking on this CTA, it redirects users to Company ABC's (external vendor) online form. From there, we want to track the number of form start and complete.

In order to do this, I understand that we will need Company ABC to implement our company's utag.js. My questions are:

  1. Is there a need for them to implement utag_data?
  2. If not, is it safe to say that data i.e. page URL will be captured within the default Tealium variables (iQ)?
  3. If Point 2 is true, we should be able to identify form start and complete based on the booking website's URL - that is to say that the booking form is not a single page application.
  4. Or is there a need to pass a vendor cookie ID from our website into Company ABC's URL as a query string and somehow stitch it within our web analytics platform e.g. Adobe Analytics?

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Thank you.

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Tracking conversions on another website

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Hi @max_wong ,

If you want to trigger the events(, Utag.view) for the booking form, as you told, first you need to implement the utag.js code.

If you want to trigger the events from the Company ABC website itself then you need utag_data to define.

Or If you wanted to  trigger the events by using Tealium iQ Manager, that would be the better approach. Either you can you use jQuery On Handler Extension or JavaScript extension and send the event data to the CDH Platform. And Here you have full control over your data Layer variables, just you need to pick the required variable and send it to CDH Platforms.

And If your form having different stages as you mentioned from start to the completion of booking. Yes you can able to trigger events for each stage of the booking funnel. Then you can use these event information in audienceStream to track the number of people completing a form on website (Company ABC).

Best Regards,

Md Aaqib Uddin

Software Implementation Specialist at Rezultize/Digitalinterakt

Senior CDP Specialist @ Digitas Dubai

Tracking conversions on another website

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Hi @aaqib,.

Thanks for your response.

We would prefer to use TiQ to track conversion data. I understand that by default, TiQ captures data in the default variables (see below image):

TiQ variables.png

Therefore, is it possible to use the TiQ data to capture form start and form complete conversions if the URLs are different? For example:

Form start:
Form complete:

If so, then there isn't a need to implement utag_data but just utag.js?