Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service - requirements

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I would like to send Audience Stream data to Trade Desk. For that I need the Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service Tag. I found a documentation about it but I would like to know if Trade Desk has to privde a cookie for this or how do I get the cookie utag_main_ttd_uuid? Is this set by Tealium? For me it is important to know if I only have to implement everything in the documentation or if I have to do any additional things? 





Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service - requirements

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Hi @SKammerlocher

I assume this is the documentation that you found:

For it to work, The Trade Desk will have had to set a cookie, but it's 3rd party so may have been set from a visit to a completely different website.  As long as a cookie from The Trade Desk is present, this method should work. 

If there isn't a cookie already, it may be possible to use The Trade Desk tag to create one, as long as you have a valid account. 


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