Trakcing separate products on Google analytics

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New to tealium.

I have a webpage which helps the customer to enter certain filters and the users get filtered products based on the filters.

Lets consider that a user got 4 filtered products. Now the user selected a product ( lets consider 3rd product ) and added to the cart. He also added a product to the cart which was not filtered ( lets say this is the 5th product ) . The user buys both the products.

My question is how to track whether the user bought the 3rd product and the 5th product in one (the same) transaction, separately on Google Analytics?



Trakcing separate products on Google analytics

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Tealium Expert

I'm not quite sure i got your question, 

but if what you are asking is, can you track if the products in bought in a single transactison came from use of a filter or not, the short answer is yes, but...


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