Trouble passing data to GA?

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We have had some trouble with data being passed to GA. Currently, our revenue is under reporting and certain page views are not being tracked. For example, we had a URL of "/compare?compareReturnURL=" up until a certain date, then it just drops to 0. We are still able to access the page, so we don't believe that is the issue. Revenue has also been reported incorrectly the last few days. Anyone experience something similar, or have any tips?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated :) 

Thank you!



Trouble passing data to GA?

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert
Hey, have you got the GA debug and Tealium web tools installed on your browser?

Firstly i would use them to see if there is any data firing? and whilst browsing keep an eye out in your console for errors.
Which version of the tag are you using? have you recently updated it?

Do the basic checks first.
Damian Savvides

Trouble passing data to GA?

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

HI Zeina

There are a number of debug tools you can use to help you understand what's going on. 

Here are some: 

  • WASP
    • A usefull graphical way to see all tags, relationships and payloads
  • GA Debug
    • spits out console data showing GA activity, payloads and any errors
  • Tag Assistant
    • Super quick way to check if intended GA events are firing on page without activating dev tools. 
    • Can record activity over journey
    • Payload information
    • Has a usefull feature to check if GA has been accepting the tags also
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