Trying to SetUp Pinterest Tag

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Hello All,


i am trying to setup a Pinterest tag for a PageVisits.

Below is the code I received :


<img height="1" width="1" alt="" src=""/>


Looking at the code above , below is the data I filled:

Selected : Pinterest tag.

Title: Pinterest Type: Page Visits

Div ID: qWKpxuX376w

Layout: Horizontal


The tag is not firing on PageViews.

Please let me know if I am missing something.


Thank you


Trying to SetUp Pinterest Tag

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Hi Prathamesh,


As mentioned previously I am your dedicated account manager so please feel free to email me at with any questions. I can get you answers very quickly rather than you waiting for someone to reply to your post in the learning community.


I reviewed the profile and the pinterest tag is configured but is turned off in Tealium. Please activate the tag by clicking the toggle to "ON" and then publish and re-test. If you continue to see an issue please reach out to me directly.




Trying to SetUp Pinterest Tag

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Hello Prathamesh

The Tealium Pinterest Tag is going to try and add a button to the page for the user to click on.  However that is not what you are trying to do with this Pixel.  This Pinterest Pixel you have is trying to track PageVisits and we do not have a Tealium Tag Template to support this directly.  However this is the exact reason we have the Tealium Generic Tag.  This will be really easy to setup, start by adding the Tealium Generic Tag and then follow the setup below.