UDO variable to GTM

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Hi, there

We are using Tealium IQ on our site and we need to use GTM(google tag manager) as well for several reasons.

I was looking for the guide manual for linking Tealium with GTM but I couldn't find it.

I want to send some variables in UDO to dataLayer in GTM container. 

How am I able to do it?

Thank you in advance.


UDO variable to GTM

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The tag simply allows you to load your GTM instance through TiQ. And the mappings in the tag are just meant for the cid and dl values. While not a best practice, or the intended use of the current tag, it's possible to push the contents of u.data into the dataLayer. I'd recommend reaching out to Tealium Support and provide more details on your specific request, and see if it's absolutely necessary to modify the tag template, or if there's another way forward (such as migrating tags into TiQ, etc).