Unnecessary Custom Link Instance Data

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We have been tracking custom link report for all our links over the site in Adobe analytics. We have noticed that the below two link had two instance on our custom link report.

We are really wondering how come it got appeared in our data without exist in our site. We have checked all our dev and back end team, they confimed that they didn'y use the below link anywhere in the site.

Does anybody have idea about this wired experience? please let us know how come it tracked.

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Unnecessary Custom Link Instance Data

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

It's likely, @Jayakrishnaa, that a user's browser is automatically translating some text on the screen into Russian, and that translated text is then being scraped by either Tealium or Adobe and is being picked up as it appears on the page.

We often see Page Titles that have been translated into Polish etc. coming through on ours, one way of fixing it would be to store the original value of the link in a data attribute of that element and then retrieve that when the link is interacted with rather than its observed .text() value.