Update on Webtrekk Tag Version

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Silver Contributor
Hi there! What is the current version of the Webtrekk Tag, and how can I update it to its latest version (Pixel Version 3.2.8 / 4.0.5)? Thanks a lot in advance. Regards, Martin

Update on Webtrekk Tag Version

Tealium Employee

Hey Martin,


In order to update a Tag in Tealium iQ, you need to update its template. We have an article that describes how to do this here: https://community.tealiumiq.com/t5/2-Tealium-iQ-Documentation/How-do-I-update-a-tag-template/ta-p/28...


However, that will only bring in the latest version of the template we've written, which may not yet be up to date with the latest version of a tag. If you find that our template doesn't match up with the version of the Tag you're trying to load, reach out to your Account Manager and let him or her know. The Account Manager can get the ball rolling on updating that template.


Speaking to Webtrekk in particular, I see from the tag template's notes that the version they wrote the template to accommodate is 3.2.4. If you're looking to work with 4.0.5, I highly recommend talking to your Account Manager.