Updating the lib-global in Tealium

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Hello, I need to update a lookup table in my extensions on a profile but when I go to the extenstion it says This is an imported extension, and can only be modified from lib-global library. How do I update a lib-global on a profile? 


Updating the lib-global in Tealium

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Hello @darsha 

There will be a profile / library within the account with the name specified for the extension. In this case "lib-global". 

If you have permission to access this library, you can just load this profile the same way you would switch to any other profile.


If you do not have permission to this library / profile. Then it will not appear if your profile list, and you will need to contact someone within your organisation to provide you these permissions


I hope this helps!

Updating the lib-global in Tealium

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Hi @darsha

You'll need to load, i.e. go into, the lib-global library profile, make your changes there and then publish those changes to e.g. PROD (to the linked environment in your parent profile). Then navigate back to your parent profile. In there you should now see an orange "save/publish" button indicating that a change has been made (an asterisk * will indicate changes). Now you would then publish the configuration changes to e.g. DEV/QA and test the parent profile configuration against your website.

When finished and happy with the changes, then publish your parent profile to DEV/QA/PROD and you are done.

Kind regards,

Updating the lib-global in Tealium

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Hi Darsha,

This is a good question on how libraries work.
From your description, it is likely the lookup extension is inheariting from the parent profile called: lib-global (under your account) therefore this is greyed out and it would need to be edited from the opended lib-global profile instead.

To edit the lookup extension in TIQ, you will need to:

- Open the lib-global parent profile as show in the green below from the top left menu (it should be found under your account as well):

open parent profile.png

- Edit this lookup extension in the: lib-global parent profile

- Publish your change to DEV/QA/PROD to the lib-global parent profile.

- Re-open the child profile inheariting this lookup extension from lib-global. Should you see an orange star (marked as changed but unsaved) next to all elements inheariting from lib-global there (tags, extensions...)

To update the changes just made from the lib-global library to the actual the child profile, please publish the child profile into the environment to test it, example: DEV/QA.

It should resolve your question.
Hope this helps