User ID (uid) is not reporting to Google Analytics, despite the correct mapping

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I'm currently using the mapping toolbox in universal analytics tag, to map a UDO variable to the value called "UID", which represents the User ID.

Despite the UDO variable is populated before the tealium snippet and the correct mapping setting, uid is not reporting to GA.

It'll be great if anyone can help fixing and debugging this issue.

the 2 images below show the current setup







User ID (uid) is not reporting to Google Analytics, despite the correct mapping

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert


Thats interesting. From the initial look on the details provided, your configurations looks great. 

We may need more details to better understand the issue. Here are some additional questions and suggetions.

Do you see the google analytics(/collect) tag firing with the "uid" value in the web browser? This way we ensure data is sent from the website.

Also you may want to check, if the GA tag is firing correctly and no javascript errors on page related to utag files on the web browser. Errors might be preventing the tag to fire and may fail to send data to GA.

Per my understanding user ids(UID) are not available in GA reporting as an individial report. I may be wrong too. Are you referring to the custom dimensions report, when mentioning that user id is not reported in GA?

Hope this helps. Please reachout if you need any additional details.





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