User Permissions for Specific Profiles

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I'm having trouble configuring specific users in iQ so they have full control over anything within a Profile, but only have read-access to other profiles.

Scenario: I want George to be have full control over profile A (including being able to edit js in templates, add users, etc).  However, I want George to be able to only read/look at profile B (ie. not edit template JS, extensions, etc).

How do i create permissions to that effect?  


User Permissions for Specific Profiles

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Hello @Michael_Kim_shc. Does this document help? Managing User Premissions


Please let me know. 

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User Permissions for Specific Profiles

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Unfortunately not..

If I give George admin rights over profile A, and he creates a user to have javascript/template editing rights for "all current and future profiles", then won't that user essentially have edit rights on all profiles, not just Profile A

User Permissions for Specific Profiles

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Hi @Michael_Kim_shc,

If you give a user ("A") just rights in one profile, that user cannot create a user ("B") with any more rights than they themselves have.

Here's creating the user ("A")




And here's what happens when the user A tries to create a user B with permissions on all profiles;



The permissions are grayed out.  If the user A tried to create a user with permissions on the "blank" profile, to which A does have permissions, then they would be able to do it.

The JavaScript permission relates to the ability to create / edit JavaScript code extensions.  It should really be a profile level permission, but presently it is an Account level permission.  However, as explained above, that's not directly related to your question.